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Automated Assays 

Various assays for both, clinical LC-MS/MS and HPLC are available for automation on specific liquid handlers. The assays of our automated test menu have been thoroughly tested and are CE-IVD certified and offer a number of benefits to your laboratory.

  • Full sample tracking
  • Clot detection
  • LIMS connectivity
  • Full walkaway operation

Assays available for Automation

MassTox® Automated LC-MS/MS Assays

Order No. Assay Automation
93900/1200/DWP Immunosuppressants ONEMINUTE in Whole Blood Hamilton
92111/1000/F, 92916 Mycophenolic Acid in Serum/Plasma Hamilton + Tecan
92111/1000/F, 92921 Antiepileptic Drugs in Serum/Plasma Hamilton + Tecan

MassChrom® Automated LC-MS/MS Assays

Order No. Assay Automation
62000/1000/F Vitamin D3/D2 in Serum/Plasma Hamilton + Tecan

Automated HPLC/UHPLC Assays

Order No. Assay Automation
34700/F Vitamins A/E in Serum/Plasma Hamilton + Tecan
34900/F Vitamins A/E in Serum/Plasma Hamilton + Tecan
52752/F Vitamins B1/B6 in Whole Blood Hamilton + Tecan
52952/UHPLC/F Vitamins B1/B6 in Whole Blood Hamilton + Tecan
54730/F CDT in Serum Tecan
6000/A1, A5, A9 Catecholamines in Urine Gilson Flexus®/ASPEC®
2020/A1, A5, A9 Metanephrines in Urine Gilson Flexus®/ASPEC®
1000/B/A1, A5, A9 VMA, HVA, 5-HIAA in Urine Gilson Flexus®/ASPEC®
48000/A1, A5, A9 Crosslinks in Urine Gilson Flexus®/ASPEC®
47000/A1, A5, A9 t,t-Muconic Acid in Urine Gilson Flexus®/ASPEC®
53000/A1 1-Hydroxypyrene in Urine Gilson Flexus®/ASPEC®
23000/F, 23000/HR Antiepileptic Drugs in Serum/Plasma Gilson Flexus®/ASPEC®
49000/A1, A5, A9 Benzodiazepines and Tricyclic Antidepressants in Serum/Plasma Gilson Flexus®/ASPEC®

Method comparison

Our automated assays are comprehensively tested. Method comparison between manual and automated sample preparation for LC-MS/MS and HPLC demonstrate a very high correlation of data. In essence: same results, lower risk of pipetting errors, increased throughput and reduced costs.

Automation LC-MS/MS Method Comparison - ChromsystemsAutomation LC-MS/MS Method Comparison - Chromsystems
Automation HPLC Method Comparison - ChromsystemsAutomation HPLC Method Comparison - Chromsystems