Instruments and SoftwareInstruments and Software

Instruments and Software

The modules and components are tailored to provide perfect access to Chromsystems assays and enable an efficient and rapid workflow in clinical diagnostics. The systems offer analytical reproducibility as well as low standard deviations, ensuring highly reliable results in the laboratory. 

  • Detectors, autosamplers and pumps for HPLC
  • Sample concentrator and heat sealer for specific Chromsystems kits
  • Software

Instruments and Software Overview

Order No. Instrument Type
42100 Electrochemical Detector, CLC 100 With flow cell and accessories
Short equilibration time
Flow cell easy to handle
Suitable for narrow-bore columns
AUTOZERO function
42250 Programmable Autosampler CLC 220 Fully automated system
Injection volumes can be varied
Simple instrument maintenance
Lower risk of blockage
Integration with a computer-controlled data system
Controlled sample dosing
42350 HPLC Pump, CLC 320 High flow rate consistency
Low pulsation
Reliable flow
Smaller volume vacuum degasser
Low maintenance effort
42360 HPLC Gradient Pump, Q-CLC 340
42395 HPLC Column Thermostat, CLC 360 Controller for stable column temperatures with active heating/cooling system and Peltier technology
Highly sensitive leak sensor: also detects vapors of organic solvents
Overheat protection
Temperature fuse shuts down in case of electronic defects
42450 UV-VIS Detector, CLC 420 Highly sensitive single-channel UV-VIS detector
Wavelength adjustment possible, carried out with no moving mechanical parts
Detector well-suited to clinical routine analysis
42362 Solvent Bottle Tray Allows clean and convenient storage of 4 bottles with up to 1 l capacity
The dimensions are perfectly matched to the modules CLC 200, CLC320, Q-CLC 340, CLC 360 and CLC 420
42234 Valve Actuator CLC 230  Ideal for online sample preparation
Suitable as switching valve for HPLC and LC-MS/MS
Additionally available: column switching for up to 6 columns
Order No. Software Description
42531 Clarity Control and Data Analysis Software – Single Instrument Control a single HPLC system and acquire data with up to 32 signals/channel

42532 Clarity Control and Data Analysis Software – Dual Instrument Control two independent HPLC systems and acquire data with up to 32 signals/channel (on different time base)
42530 Clarity Offline Analysis Software Offline software version, including all features for processing of your recorded data on a second workstation; no instrument control possible
Order No. Instrument Type

Sample Concentrator for 96 Well Plates

Fast evaporation of solvents
Light and compact unit for easy use in fume cupboards
High-quality stainless-steel needles
Accurate height control
Chromsystems-adapted blocks available for specific assay requirements
42730 Sample Concentrator for Autosampler Vials
42740 Heat Sealer for 96 Well Plates Easy sealing of 96 well plates
Adjustable time and temperatur
Compatible with a wide range of microplates


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