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Our webinars help you to learn more about our products and how they are employed in clinical laboratories. Customers present their research and Chromsystems experts from R&D and Technical Support discuss new products and solutions in the field of clinical diagnostics by LC-MS/MS and HPLC.

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The role of automation in LC-MS/MS analyses of clinical chemistry laboratories

Speaker: Federico Ponzetto, PhD, University of Turin, Department of Medical Sciences, City of Health and Science University Hospital, Italy
Date: Monday, June 21, 2021

Abstract: Presentation of data from a reorganization of the TDM unit of a clinical laboratory that included the introduction of an automated sample preparation system and three novel LC-MS platforms. The new setup is compared with the previous configuration focusing on the results of immunosuppressant and antiepileptic drugs analysis. The comparison is quantified by applying different quality indicators such as total value of ownership as well as cost of testing, and overall equipment effectiveness; indicators that are commonly employed in other industries to calculate instrument capacity utilization. Furthermore, an overview on the solutions for steroid hormones analysis currently employed in the Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory is provided and the perspectives on automation opportunities in this field will be discussed, taking into account the important information gathered from the experience in the TDM sector.


Challenging the Status Quo of Amino Acid Analysis in Plasma

Comparison of the Gold Standard Ion Exchange Chromatography with LC-MS/MS

Speaker: Rachel Carling, PhD, Consultant Scientist and Director of Biochemical Sciences, Viapath, UK
Date: Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Abstract: Quantitative amino acid analysis in human plasma is essential to the diagnosis and monitoring of inherited disorders of amino acid synthesis, catabolism and transport. Over the years, the gold standard has been to use Ion Exchange Chromatography (IEC). As with most techniques, IEC does have a number of drawbacks. Dr Rachel Carling from Viapath (UK) reports on a study that compares IEC with LC-MS/MS, a method with higher specificity and practical advantages. The data suggest that it might be time to rethink how we approach our quantitative amino acid analysis (AAA) experiments by using LC-MS/MS.

Amino Acid Analysis - The Chromsystems Way

Speaker: Ulrike Ellmann, Scientific Support Manager, Chromsystems
Date: Wednesday, July 29 2020

Abstract: In this webinar you learn more about the LC-MS/MS-based assay for Amino Acid Analysis (AAA) in plasma/serum. Ulrike Ellmann explains how much time can be saved by switching from traditional HPLC assays and discusses how easy it can be to separate isobaric analytes such as leucine, iso-leucine and allo-leucine that many other assays struggle with.