Vitamin B12/MMA

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Vitamin B12 deficiency prevalence and associated biomarkers in type 2 Diabetes (T2DM) treated with metformin: biochemical assessment in a series of 106 patients The 2018 ADA Clinical Practice Recommendations endorse screening Metformin users for vitamin B12 deficiency. In our series, diabetic patients treated by metformin had B12 deficiency in 17% of cases (total B12) and only in 8.5% (HTC). MMA measured with Chromsystems assay.  2019
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Poster: A rapid and simple LC-MS/MS diagnostic test for the exclusion of methylmalonic acidemia The LC-MS/MS method presented here for the analysis of MMA in urine is suitable for identifying methylmalonic acidemia and, with regard to quality, is comparable with the GC-MS reference method. Here, the sample preparation consists only of the addition of an internal standard to the urine sample and a dilution step. 2015
Poster: Quantitative target metabolomics using LC-MS/MS improves the diagnosis of vitamin B12 deficiency & saves cost and time Vitamin B12 deficiency in screening studies can be detected using modern metabolites adapted to LC-MS/MS instrumentation. Using this approach by routine laboratories improves early diagnosis of vitamin B12 and therapy monitoring, hence reducing irreversible complications. The LCMS/MS method shown is characterised by fast sample preparation, minimal matrix effects, high precision, robustness and cost-effectiveness. 2014
Poster: A novel mass spectrometry kit for MMA in plasma/serum and urine This novel assay for the determination of MMA from plasma/serum and urine using LC-MS/MS is comparable with the GC-MS reference method in accuracy. The method is characterised by fast sample preparation, minimal matrix effects, high precision, robustness and cost-effectiveness. 2014

Please find here publications as guides for reference ranges or therapeutic ranges. They may differ from other published data and are only intended to serve as a rough guide. As data vary depending on patient population and measurement method, please determine ranges for your laboratory. When determining ranges make sure that you comply with local national requirements. 

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Thomas L. (ed)- Labor und Diagnose, 8th edition, TH books (2012) Book with reference ranges.  2012
The Clinical Evaluation of Cobalamin Deficiency by Determination of Methylmalonic Acid in Serum or Urine Is Not Invalidated by the Presence of Heterozygous Methylmalonic-Acidaemia Paper discusses the usefulness of measurement of methylmalonic acid in serum or urine for the clinical evaluation of cobalamin deficiency and the reference values.  1990