Chronischer Alkoholmißbrauch - CDT

Title Summary Year
Translational balancing questioned: Unaltered glycosylation during disulfiram treatment in mannosyl-oligosaccharide alpha-1,2-mannnosidase-congenital disorders of glycosylation (MAN1B1-CDG) A therapeutic trial in patient 1 (P1) using disulfiram with the rationale to generate an attenuation of translation and thus a balanced, restored ER glycoprotein synthesis failed. No improvement of the transferrin glycosylation profile was seen. Measured with Chromsystems HPLC assay.  2021
Dietary Mannose Supplementation inPhosphomannomutase 2 Deficiency (PMM2-CDG)  Long-term dietary D-mannose supplementation shows biological effects in PMM2-CDG, an inherited disorder of mannose metabolism. It improves glycosylation in the majority of patients and could become the first cornerstone in the treatment of this disease. CDT measured with Chromsystems assay.  2020
SLC39A8 deficiency: biochemical correction and major clinical improvement by manganese therapy High-dose manganese substitution was effective in two patients with SLC39A8 deficiency. Close therapy monitoring by glycosylation assays and blood manganese measurements is necessary to prevent manganese toxicity. Glyocsilation was measured by the HPLC assay for CDT by Chromsystems 2018
Limitations of galactose therapy in phosphoglucomutase 1 deficiency The results of this single case study stress the need for individualized therapy in PGM1 deficiency. In their patient, the current standard dose of galactose did not achieve complete normalization of glycosylation as well as other laboratory parameters. CDT was measured by HPLC assay from Chromsystems 2017
Mutations in the X-linked ATP6AP2 Cause a Glycosylation Disorder With Autophagic Defects our data suggest that the missense mutations in ATP6AP2 lead to impaired V-ATPase assembly and subsequent defects in glycosylation and autophagy. CDT was measured with the Chromsystems assay 2017
Alcohol abuse and cigarette smoking are associated with global DNA hypermethylation: Results from the German Investigation on Neurobiology in Alcoholism (GINA) This study suggests a direct effect of alcohol consumption and smoking on DNA methylation, which is not mediated by effects of alcohol on homocysteine metabolism. 2015
Transferrin variants:Pitfalls in the diagnostics of  CDG. ( Clinical Biochemistry) Limitations of galactose therapy in phosphoglucomutase 1deficiency.( Molecular Genetics and Metabolism Reports) Transferrin variants are pitfalls in the diagnostics of CDG. The found variants change the charge of the transferrin molecule, thus affecting the standard diagnostic procedures. Neuraminidase digestion as well as ESI-TOF MS can identify variants and mutations in a laboratory context. 2015

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