Complete Solutions in TDM by LC-MS/MS Assays, Automation, Calibrators and Controls

Discover our continuously expanded portfolio in therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) and drugs of abuse testing by LC-MS/MS. It covers CE-IVD validated assays, an automation solution as well as calibrators and controls. Find here our most recent highlights.

Modular system for therapeutic drug monitoring of 200 parameters
NEW: MassSTAR - robotic solution for more than 100 parameters

Target screening and quantitative confirmation within the same run
Run time of 12 minutes for 108 drugs and metabolites 

MassSTAR - robotic solution for clinical LC-MS/MS

  • CE-IVD validated workflows
  • Walkaway solution with standardised hardware and software
  • Full traceability and regulatory compliance
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) for simple handling
  • The test menu is continuously updated and expanded
  • Certification according to IVDR in preparation

MassSTAR is a CE-validated full walkaway solution specifically designed for automating clinical LC-MS/MS sample preparation with Chromsystems assays. 

The assays offer in combination with MassSTAR a standardised CE-IVD-conforming workflow for clinical laboratories soon also in line with IVDR. Depending on the assay, MassSTAR allows the sample preparation of up to 288 samples per batch. The solution has been developed with clinical laboratories in mind, offering user comfort, regulatory conformity and flexibility.

Instrumentation and assays are comprehensively supported by the Chromsystems scientific support team with extensive experience in automated clinical LC-MS/MS.

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