Programmable Autosampler CLC 220

Order No.: 42250

Fully automated system
Injection volumes can be varied
Simple instrument maintenance
Lower risk of blockage
Integration with a computer-controlled data system
Controlled sample dosing

Programmable Autosampler CLC 220 for variable volume injection.

This programmable autosampler is a flexible and powerful system with reproducibility and linearity properties. Variable vial racks and adaptors for microtiter plates are avaible.

  • Fully automated system, capacity of up to 120 samples for injection into the HPLC system
  • Injection volumes can be varied by programming
  • Injection valve and syringe are easily accessible, simplifying instrument maintenance
  • Improved capillary providing a much lower risk of blockage
  • Integration with a computer-controlled data system
  • Sample dosing is controlled by a stepper motor-driven syringe
More Information
Injection Volume 0.1 - 999.9 µl
Actuation time Actuation time
Sample racks 2 racks for 60 vials (1.5 ml) or 192 samples (microtiter plates)
Sampling X, Y, Z operated stepper motor driven syringe
Sample dosage 500 µl glass syringe, linear stepper motor driven
Sample loop Exchangeable, standard 100 µl or other volumes
Dosage method Partial or full loop mode
Injection valve 2-positions 6-port, motor driven
Reproducibility CV < 0.5 % variable volume injection (10 µl; typically ~ 0.25 %)
Vial error Prevents injection of air
Priority sample Important samples can be inserted into the sequence
Communication RS 232 and remote control
Temperature accuracy Temperature accuracy
Power requirements 110-240 V, 47-63 Hz
Dimensions 478 x 396 x 275 mm (L x W x H )
Weight approx. 12 kg
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