Chromsystems Powerline III control and data analysis software (single system)

Order No.: 42594

Including pre-configured computer and monitor

Reliable control capability for one HPLC system
Auto calibrating converter providing high resolution for maximum accuracy
Automated integration without parameter selection
Integrated report manager
Data export

Chromsystems data system control and analysis software

  • Control and analysis software for controlling one single HPLC system with data acquisition, integration and calculation for max. 6 channels (one time base)
  • Including USB A/D converter and 2 data cables
  • Auto calibrating 25 bit A/D converter providing 1 μV resolution over the range ± 5 V (range in channel 6: ± 10 V)
  • Automated integration without parameter selection
  • Single point or multi point calibration (linear, quadratic, exponential)
  • External and internal standard
  • Integrated report manager for free report design
  • Data export in all common electronic formats
More Information
6 channel USB A/D converter 5 channels ± 5V, 1 channel ± 10V (all channels opt-isolated), 25 bit resolution (auto calibrating), incl. 6 remote inputs, USB
Recommended PC CPU: Core2Duo or Core2Quad or i5Min.; 2 GB RAM; 300 GB harddrive SATA; required numbers of COM ports (recommended: MOXA USB-COM-converter); operating system: MS Windows 10
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