Chromsystems Easyline III analysis software

Order No.: 42596

Including pre-configured computer and monitor

Auto calibrating converter providing high resolution for maximum accuracy
Automated integration without parameter selection
Integrated report manager
Data export

Chromsystems data analysis software

  • Data acquisition and analysis of maximum 4 detector channels including USB A/D converter and 2 data cables
  • Auto calibrating 25 bit A/D converter providing 1 μV resolution over the range ± 5 V (range in channel 6: ± 10 V)
  • Automated integration without parameter selection
  • Single point or multi point calibration (linear, quadratic, exponential)
  • External and internal standard
  • Integrated report manager for free report design
  • Data export in all common electronic formats
More Information
6 channel USB A/D converter 5 channels ± 5V, 1 channel ± 10V, all channels opto-isolated, 25 bit resolution, auto calibrating, incl. 6 remote inputs (USB)
Recommended PC CPU: Core2Duo or Core2Quad or i5; min. 2 GB RAM; min. 300 GB harddrive SATA; Operating systems: Windows 10
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