Basic Kit A for 1000 Tests with 96 Well Filter Plates - LC-MS/MS

Order No.: 92111/1000/F, for 1000 tests
200 grouped in 13 sets

Part of the MassTox® TDM Series A
Unique modular system for therapeutic drug monitoring
Provides all components required for automated sample prep and all mobile phases

Basic Kit for all Parameters of TDM Series A

Antiarrhythmic Drugs (92923)

Acebutolol, Ajmaline, Amiodarone, Desethylamiodarone, Aprindine, Atenolol, Bisoprolol, Diltiazem, Disopyramide, Dronedarone, Debutyldronedarone, Flecainide, Flunarizine, Gallopamil, Lidocaine, Metoprolol, Mexiletine, Propafenone, Propranolol, Quinidine, Hydroquinidine, Sotalol, Tocainide, Verapamil, Norverapamil

Antidepressants 1/EXTENDED (92913/XT)

Citalopram, N-Desmethylcitalopram, Duloxetine, Fluoxetine, Desmethylfluoxetine, Fluvoxamine, Mirtazapine, N-Desmethylmirtazapine, Paroxetine, Sertraline, N-Desmethylsertraline, Venlafaxine, O-Desmethylvenlafaxine

Antidepressants 2/ Psychostimulants/EXTENDED (92915/XT)

Atomoxetine, Bupropion, Erythro-Dihydrobupropion, Threo-Dihydrobupropion, Hydroxybupropion, Clomethiazole, Dosulepin, N-Desmethyldosulepin, Methylphenidate, Mianserin, Milnacipran, Moclobemide, Opipramol, Reboxetine, Ritalinic acid, Tianeptine, Tranylcypromine, Trazodone, Vilazodone, Vortioxetine

Antiepileptic Drugs All-in-One Method (92921/XT)

Brivaracetam, Carbamazepine, Carbamazepine-10,11-epoxide, 10-OH-Carbamazepine, 10,11-Dihydroxycarbamazepine, Desmethylmesuximide, Ethosuximide, Felbamate, Gabapentin, Lacosamide, Lamotrigine, Levetiracetam, Oxcarbazepine, Perampanel, Phenobarbital, Phenylethylmalonamide (PEMA), Phenytoin, Pregabalin, Primidone, Retigabine, Rufinamide, Stiripentol, Sultiame, Tiagabine, Theophylline, Topiramate, Valproic acid, Vigabatrin, Zonisamide

Anti-HIV Drugs (92924)

Amprenavir, Atazanavir, Darunavir, Delavirdine, Efavirenz, Elvitegravir, Etravirine, Indinavir, Lopinavir, Maraviroc, Nelfinavir, Nelfinavir-M8, Nevirapine, Raltegravir, Rilpivirine, Ritonavir, Saquinavir

Antimycotic Drugs/EXTENDED (92922/XT)

Amphotericin B*, Anidulafungin, Caspofungin, Fluconazole, 5-Flucytosine, Isavuconazole, Itraconazole, Hydroxyitraconazole, Ketoconazole, Micafungin, Posaconazole, Voriconazole

Benzodiazepines 1 (92917)

Chlordiazepoxide, Clobazam, Norclobazam, Demoxepam, Diazepam, Nordiazepam, Medazepam, Midazolam, 1-OH-Midazolam, Oxazepam, Prazepam, Temazepam, Tetrazepam

Benzodiazepines 2 (92918)

Alprazolam, Bromazepam, Clonazepam, Flunitrazepam, Flurazepam, Desalkylflurazepam, Lorazepam, Lormetazepam, Nitrazepam, Triazolam

Mycophenolic Acid (92916)

Mycophenolic acid, Mycophenolic acid glucuronide

Neuroleptics 1/EXTENDED (92912/XT)

Aripiprazole, Dehydroaripiprazole, Clozapine, N-Desmethylclozapine, Haloperidol, Olanzapine, N-Desmethylolanzapine, Quetiapine, Norquetiapine, Risperidone, 9-OH-Risperidone

Neuroleptics 2/EXTENDED 2 (92914/XT2)

Amisulpride, Benperidol, Brexpiprazole, Bromperidol, Cariprazine, Chlorpromazine, Chlorprothixene, Flupentixol, Fluphenazine, Guanfacine, Iloperidone, Levomepromazine, Loxapine, Lurasidone, Melperone, Perazine, Perphenazine, Pimozide, Pipamperone, Promethazine, Prothipendyl, Sertindole, Sulforidazine, Sulpiride, Thioridazine, Ziprasidone, Zotepine, Zuclopenthixol

Tricyclic Antidepressants TCA1 (92919)

Amitriptyline, Desipramine, Doxepin, Nordoxepin, Imipramine, Nortriptyline

Tricyclic Antidepressants TCA2 (92920)

Clomipramine, Norclomipramine, Maprotiline, Normaprotiline, Protriptyline, Trimipramine, Nortrimipramine

* For Amphotericin B only qualitative information can be obtained, but data are not CE-IVD compliant.

The Basic Kit A is a part of the Series A modular system, which enables the analysis of nearly 200 parameters without switching column or changing the mobile phases, thereby minimising the required workload in the laboratory. The Basic Kit A contains all components required for sample preparation and all necessary mobile phases.

This Chromsystems kit enables the automation of the Basic Kit.

In addition to the automated version Chromsystems also offers a standard version for manual processing of the Basic Kit A with 200 and 1000 tests.

Further component of the modular system is the MasterColumn® A, an analytical column used for the determination of all Series A analytes. Different Parameter Sets can be selected depending on the drug category – the portfolio covers 14 Parameter Sets for the determination of 200 substances and metabolites.



  • 3 x Mobile Phase 1 (92001)
  • 3 x Mobile Phase 2 (92002)
  • 5 x Extraction Buffer (92005)
  • 5 x Dilution Buffer 1 (92007)
  • 5 x Dilution Buffer 2 (92008)
  • 2 x Rinsing Solution (92009)
  • 1 x Precipitation Reagent (92012)
  • 4 x 96 Well Filter Plates (92057)
  • 8 x 96 Well Collection Plates (92058)
  • 4 x Pierceable Adhesive Seals (92059
More Information
Number of Tests 1000
Sample Preparation
  • Pipette 25 µl Extraktion Buffer into a 96 well filter plate (order no. 92057).
  • Add 50 µl sample/calibrator/MassCheck® control.
  • Shake 2 min (1200 rpm).
  • Add 250 µl reconstituted Internal Standard Mix.
  • Shake 40 s (700 rpm).
  • Separate precipitate by centrifugation ( 2000 x g, 1 min) and collect the eluate in a collection plate (order no. 92058).
  • Dilute eluate with Dilution Buffer, instrument and parameter set specific, in an additional collection plate.
  • Seal collection plate with pierceable adhesive seal (order no. 92059) and transfer to autosampler.
  • Inject eluate into the LC-MS/MS system.
Please note The freely available information on this website, in particular on the sample preparation, are not sufficient to work with our products. Please read instructions and warning notices on products and/or instruction manuals.
Method of Analysis LC-MS/MS
Parameter 200 grouped in 13 sets
  1. 92001 LCMS TDM Series A mobile phase1
    Mobile Phase 1
    Order no.: 92001

    MassTox® TDM Series A

  2. 92002 LCMS MassTox TDM Series A Mobile Phase 2
    Mobile Phase 2
    Order no.: 92002

    MassTox® TDM Series A

  3. 92005 LCMS TDM Series A extraction buffer
    Extraction Buffer
    Order no.: 92005

    MassTox® TDM Series A

  4. 92007 LCMS TDM Series A dilution buffer1
    Dilution Buffer 1
    Order no.: 92007

    MassTox® TDM Series A

  5. 92008 LCMS TDM Series A dilution buffer2
    Dilution Buffer 2
    Order no.: 92008

    MassTox® TDM Series A

  6. 92009 LCMS TDM Series A rinsing solution
    Rinsing Solution
    Order no.: 92009

    MassTox® TDM Series A

  7. 92012 LCMS TDM Series A precipitation reagent
    Precipitation Reagent
    Order no.: 92012

    MassTox® TDM Series A

  8. 96 Well Filter Plates
    96 Well Filter Plates
    Order no.: 92057

    MassTox® TDM Series A

  9. 96 Well Collection Plate
    96 Well Collection Plates
    Order no.: 92058

    MassTox® TDM Series A

  10. 92059 TDM Series A pierceable adhesive seals
    Pierceable Adhesive Seals for 96 Well Plates
    Order no.: 92059

    MassTox® TDM Series A

  1. PEEK-encased Prefilter, 2 µm
  2. PEEK Prefilter Housing
    PEEK Prefilter Housing
    Order no.: 15010
  3. 92059 TDM Series A pierceable adhesive seals
    Pierceable Adhesive Seals for 96 Well Plates
    Order no.: 92059

    MassTox® TDM Series A

  4. 96 Well Collection Plate
    96 Well Collection Plates
    Order no.: 92058

    MassTox® TDM Series A

  5. 92012 LCMS TDM Series A precipitation reagent
    Precipitation Reagent
    Order no.: 92012

    MassTox® TDM Series A

  6. 92110 TDM Series A Master Column
    MassTox® TDM MasterColumn® A
    Order no.: 92110

    Analytical column for MassTox® TDM Series A - LC-MS/MS

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