Internal Standard Succinylacetone

Order No.: 55044

MassChrom® Amino Acids and Acylcarnitines from Dried Blood - LC-MS/MS

Internal Standard for Succinylacetone.
Already included in 55111 Succinylacetone Upgrade Set.

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Content 3 x 50 ml

Please note: All concentrations shown here are exemplatory. They do not reflect real data for the described products. Actual concentrations depend on the production lot of each product and can exclusively be found in the product information leaflet. Please ask for these product information leaflets or download them from the service site of the Chromsystems website.

SubstanceUnitConcentrationConcentration in the sample
(150 µl IS/3.1 µl blood)
Succinylacetone-13C5 mg/l

During the determination of succinylacetone within the scope of newborn screening the internal standard is used as an individual calibrator for each sample, so matrix effects are reduced to a minimum.

Prior to use allow to warm to ambient temperature and mix well to ensure homogeneity.

Storage conditions

Stored below -18 °C the internal standard is stable until the expiry date which is stated on the vial labels.

After opening and usage make sure that the bottle is closed tightly.

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