Monitoring Oxidative StressMonitoring Oxidative Stress

Monitoring Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress is thought to be involved in a range of diseases, parameters in the clinical laboratory include vitamin C, glutathione and many others. For the determination of these parameters we offer a range of HPLC assays.

  • All HPLC assays are CE-IVD validated
  • Assays cover ß-carotene, Q10, GSH, malondialdehyde and vitamin C
  • Automated assay for vitamin C also available

Assay Overview for HPLC Analysis

Order No. Assay
Specimen Number of tests Analysis time
32000 ß-Carotene Serum/Plasma 100 < 10 min Fast and easy sample prep
Coenzyme Q10 Serum/Plasma
Whole Blood
100 14 min No liquid-liquid extraction, no evaporation step
Glutathione Whole Blood 100 5 min Detection of reduced and oxidised form
Malondialdehyde Serum/Plasma 100 < 5 min Interference-free analysis
Vitamin C Serum/Plasma 100 5 min Standard method