Vitamins A and E

This assay enables the simultaneous quantitative determination of vitamin A (retinol) and vitamin E (α-tocopherol) in human serum or plasma samples by HPLC. The fast and easy sample preparation can be performed with reaction vials or 96 deep well plates. The analytes are released from their transport protein or lipoproteins by precipitation. Subsequently, the substances are chromatographically separated in one isocratic HPLC run and quantified using a UV detector.

  • Assay validated according to IVDR
  • Short run time of less than 3 minutes
  • Optimised precipitation
  • No cooling of eluates – no cooled autosampler necessary
  • No precolumn required
  • No UHPLC needed
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Clinical Relevance

The assay is intended to be used for determination of vitamin A and vitamin E levels where indicated: for screening in patients with suspected vitamin A and/or E deficiency or excess and for monitoring of patients under vitamin A and/or E supplementation.

Two Types of Kits Available

Reagent kit

Mobile phase, calibrator and sample preparation reagents included

Basic kit

Only sample preparation reagents included

Vitamins A and E in Serum/Plasma

Order no. Type of kit
Characteristics Method Number
34400 Reagent kit  With reaction vials HPLC 200 tests
34400-DWP Reagent kit With 96 deep well plates HPLC 200 tests
34400-BK Basic kit  With reaction vials HPLC 200 sample preparations
34400-DWP-BK Basic kit  With 96 deep well plates HPLC 200 sample preparations


Easy Sample Preparation

Here shown with reaction vials.

The assay is also available with 96 deep well plates.

Vitamins A and E - Sample PreparationVitamins A and E - Sample Preparation

HPLC Column Temperature

Column temperature: 35 °C

Column temperature: ambient

Vitamins A and E - Column TemperatureVitamins A and E - Column Temperature

Technical Data

Specifications Vitamins A and E
Lower and Upper Limit of Quantitation

Vitamin A (retinol): serum: 0.02 – 5.0 mg/l, plasma: 0.01 – 5.0 mg/l
Vitamin E (α-tocopherol): serum: 0.3 – 45 mg/l, plasma: 0.5 – 45 mg/l

(Different systems might show different performance data)
Specimens Serum/plasma
Run Time Depending on column temperature: 2.9 min (35 °C) or 3.7 min (ambient
Injection Volume 5 – 20 μl
Flow Rate 0.8 ml/min
Wavelength 325 nm
after 1.15 – 1.4 min switch to 295 nm



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