Supporting Your Lab Developed Test

with HPLC & LC-MS/MS Tools

According to the AACC, lab developed tests (LDTs) are critical to providing adequate patient care as well as advancing laboratory medicine. They play a significat role in supporting clinicians each day in their diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Chromsystems offers clinical laboratories a range of tools, including calibrators and controls, but also other components such as analytical columns. Have a look and find out more about our portfolio in enabling and supporting LDTs.

High Quality Calibrators and Controls

Human-based material
All calibrators and controls are exclusively based on human material, ensuring a maximum of precision and reliability.

Our material is usually linked to a common reference, a standard of higher order, whenever they are or become available.

Safeguarding your results
The material is perfectly suited to safeguard your laboratory developed test (LDT). The range is optimised for clinically relevant concentrations. We also ensure highest stability and consistency.

Analytical Columns

Chromsystems columns are perfectly suited to support your lab developed test (LDT). They are available for a range of applications, including analysis of pharmaceutical substances.