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We hope you enjoyed last week’s RBSLM Annual Meeting in Brussels with the opportunity to network with fellow colleagues, partners and industry.
We certainly appreciated a number of productive face-to-face conversations with our customers on a range of topics in clinical mass spectrometry and HPLC. 
Below we compiled for you some of the highlights focusing around this year’s topic on Men's Health.

Highlights on this year’s Men's Health topic:      

Analytica 2022Analytica 2022

Our assays for steroid profiling allow the quantitative determination of 15 steroids by LC-MS/MS and include the clinically most important parameters. Sample preparation is the same for both steroid panels using an optimised and efficient SPE sample clean-up procedure with 96 SPE well plate or using sample clean-up columns. The use of stable isotope-labelled internal standards for every single analyte ensures reproducible and reliable quantification of the steroids. These methods do not require a high-end LC-MS/MS system to be carried out.

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The MassChrom® Amino Acid Analysis (AAA) assays in plasma/serum or urine offer the full spectrum for your amino acid analysis. You can quantify 48 amino acids in plasma/serum. Or you opt to quantify 52 amino acids and creatinine in urine in one run. Both assays are used, among other things, for the determination of metabolic diseases.

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Biogenic amines and their metabolites are important for the diagnosis of a number of diseases such as phaeochromocytoma or other tumours of the nervous system. We offer a range of CE-IVD solutions for LC-MS/MS and also HPLC as well as for urine and plasma as matrices. For our LC-MS/MS assays, you may also choose from two different configurations – with 96 SPE well plates or sample clean up columns. All methods allow fast and efficient sample preparation and contain stable internal standards for every analyte.

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