Mass Spec Solutions for Metabolic Diseases

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10-12 November 2021

Chromsystems provides complete CE-IVD solutions for the reliable diagnosis of metabolic diseases by LC-MS/MS. These range from newborn screening in dried blood spots through to the quantitative amino acid analysis (AAA) in serum, plasma and urine.

These CE-IVD assays will be consistenly available within the permitted scope of IVDR and are part of the large portfolio of our ready-to-use LC-MS/MS assays for clinical diagnostics.

For more details, please download our detailed brochures below.

Newborn Screening Assays

MassChrom® Amino Acids and Acylcarnitines in DBS

The Chromsystems assays allow the fast and reliable determination of amino acids and acylcarnitines from dried blood spot samples as part of the newborn screening for amino acid and fatty acid metabolic disorders using tandem mass spectrometry. There are several solutions available for any requirements: with well plates or well filter plates, derivatised or underivatised methods in combination with succinylacetone upgrades.

  • CE-IVD validated assays
  • Each analyte safeguarded by its own internal standard
  • Fast and robust sample preparation
  • Screening of many metabolic disorders such as PKU and MSUD in a single run
  • Assays with and without derivatisation available

Amino Acid Analysis (AAA)

MassChrom® Amino Acid Analysis in Plasma/Serum and Urine*

Chromsystems provides assays for the quantitative amino acid analysis in serum/plasma as well as urine. Both methods use the same chromatographic setup, enabling the determination of plasma and urine samples with one LC-MS/MS batch.  

The key characteristics of both assays:

  • Fast sample preparation without derivatisation
  • Short run times
  • Excellent separation of all isobaric compounds
  • Each analyte safeguarded by an internal standard
  • One chromatographic platform for both, plasma/serum and urine samples

The plasma assay covers 48 and the urine assay 52 amino acids. The urine assay also allows the determination of creatinine within the same run, eliminating the need for a separate photometric determination for urine normalisation. 

This assay offers alternatively the flexibility to be used for PKU and MSUD testing only – with an even faster run time of 8-9 minutes. 

Creatinine normalisation of urine samples within the same run


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Metabolic Diseases BrochuresMetabolic Diseases Brochures

*Preview: MassChrom® Amino Acid Analysis in Urine

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