Internal Standard Set Neuroleptics 2/EXTENDED

Order No.: 92046/N2/XT

Component of the Parameter Set Neuroleptics 2/EXTENDED, available separately

Internal Standard Set for Neuroleptics 2/EXTENDED in serum/plasma, consisting of Internal Standard Mix 4 x 1 ml (lyoph.), Reconstitution Buffer, 5 ml.

More Information
Content Internal Standard Mix 4 x 1 ml (lyoph.), Reconstitution Buffer 5 ml

Thaw one vial of lyophilised Internal Standard. Remove the seal and rubber stopper from the vial. Reconstitute the lyophilised internal standard with exactly 1 ml of reconstitution buffer. Close the vial with the rubber stopper and let it stand for about 5 minutes at room temperature, gently shake the vial repeatedly until the content of the bottle is homogeneous. Avoid direct sunlight! The reconstitution buffer contains stabilising additives. To ensure stability of the internal standard, the reconstitution buffer has to be used.

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